Most superfluous hair can be attributed to genetics, ethnic background or the normal hormonal changes women go through in life, puberty, pregnancy and menopause.
Other causes of excess hair growth include stress and certain medications; particularly steroids.
Excess hair is often the result of endocrine dysfunctions such as PCOSthyroid imbalance and menstrual irregularities.    Electrologists are trained to recognize symptoms which may require a medical referral.
Electrolysis is the only method of Permanent Hair Removal. It has remained the gold standard of permanent hair removal. Electrolysis treatments can be safely and effectively performed on any individual regardless of skin/hair type or color.  Almost any area of the face and body can be treated.
The electrolysis procedure involves the insertion of a very fine probe directly into the hair follicle, which is an existing opening in the skin, and the application of a small amount of electrical current.  The goal is to completely destroy the hair germ cells, which are the source of new hairs and the dermal papilla, which provides nourishment to the growing hair thus disabling the hair follicle from producing another hair.  Each hair has to be treated individually and in order to achieve total permanence a series of treatments is required.  There are many factors involved which must be taken on an individual basis in order to determine how many treatments you will need and what can be expected as far as the duration of each treatment.
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